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HGTV'S Unsellable Houses Twins Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb

Real estate mavens, design visionaries, business owners, HGTV stars and twin sisters Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb are known for transforming one tough-to-sell home after another. After building PNW-based Lamb & Co., into a successful, full-service real estate and home design company, word of the twins’ talent and exuberant characters spread around the entertainment industry. Leslie and Lyndsay soon landed the incredible opportunity to have their own HGTV show – Unsellable Houses! The sisters’ talent for helping homeowners sell their lifeless, “unsellable” homes shone brightly on the big screen, helping them quickly become go-to experts for homeowners, designers and DIYers around the nation. On top of their own successful show they’ve participated on HGTV team challenges and most recently won season 5 of Rock the Block!

Appearing live on the Fresh Ideas Stage, Friday October 25 and Saturday, October 26 at 1 pm